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Swarovski History

Swarovski Crystals - an Austrian Success Story

Swarovski is an Austrian success story that has few rivals. At the end of the 19th century Daniel Swarovski founded the company. The purpose of the company was to develop a process to cut crystals automatically. The company was very successful and soon worked their way into a number of industries like the production of optical products, abrasives and grinding tools, the cutting of crystals and the manufacturing of decorative stones made from crystal.

The crystals were mostly used for the jewelry and fashion industries, as chandelier parts, as accessories and as beads and ornaments for clothing and jewelry. Swarovski's necklaces, pins and earrings are hugely popular worldwide. Swarovski's crystal beads are also used to adorn dresses, shoes and handbags. You will often find their name tossed around when reviewing fashion during events like the Oscars.

In 1977, Swarovski first entered the jewelry and fashion markets, starting first in the United States. More than a decade later, it cought on in Great Britain and the rest of Europe. In 1987, collectors established the Swarovski Collectors Society, and today it has more than 400,000 members in 35 countries.

In 1995, the company celebrated its 100th anniversary by building a magnificent theme park, Swarovski Crystal World in Wattens, close to Innsbruck. It was a creation of artist Andre Heller and takes you through a realm of imagination and beauty. The park landscape is transcended with waterworks and spectacular lighting.